Weekly Bet Clubs

Here, we will introduce you the Weekly Bet Clubs and show you how to profit from them each week! What Is A Weekly Bet Club The Weekly Bet Club (WBC) (sometimes referred to as Bet

Here, we will introduce you the Weekly Bet Clubs and show you how to profit from them each week!

What Is A Weekly Bet Club

The Weekly Bet Club (WBC) (sometimes referred to as Bet & Get or simply Bet Club by other bookmakers) is a promotion offered by bookmakers, whereby you place either a minimum number of bets or a minimum total stake each week (or some other variance of this) to qualify for and receive a free bet or bonus upon fulfilment. Examples of WBCs are ‘Bet £25, get £5 free bet’ and ‘Bet 5 x £5, get £5 free bet’. WBCs can be similar to Welcome Offers. Not every bookmaker will offer a WBC. Here is an example of a WBC, referred to as the ‘QuinnBet Club’.

WBCs are a fantastic source for consistent and long-term income, and one of the best way to build up your bankroll beyond Welcome Offers, since they run every week!

Weekly Bet Clubs Offered

Below is a list of Weekly Bet Clubs that are currently available (this list is correct at the time of writing). Do keep an eye out to see if the terms have changed from the time of this writing, as they do change from time to time.

  • Sky Bet: Bet £25 get a £5 free bet
  • Coral: Bet £25 get a £5 free bet
  • Paddy Power: Place 5 bets of £10 or more every week and get a £10 free bet
  • Betway: Bet £25 for £10 in Free Bets
  • Unibet: Place 5 In-Play bets of £10, get a £10 Free Bet
  • QuinnBet: Bet £50 or more every week and get a £5 free bet
  • BlackType: Place 10 bets of £10 or more every week and get a £10 free bet
  • SportNation: Bet 3 x £10 – Get £5 Free Bet Treble

We recommend pacing yourself when it comes to WBCs – our previous tip on ‘golden goose’ accounts also applies here.

Once you have reached the stage where you are starting to add WBCs to your matched betting routine, we highly recommend at this point that you subscribe to Oddsmonkey Premium. When you were initially starting out and building your bankroll through the Welcome Offers, a Premium subscription was not necessary as you can simply do these offers with a free Matched Betting Calculator and at your own pace. It is of course possible to also do WBCs with just a free Matched Betting Calculator, but to manually complete multiple WBC targets each week would not be the best use of your time and will even slow down your earning potential!

With so many WBCs and other countless offers available to choose from, not to mention the large number of matched bets that you will be placing to qualify for these offers if you are planning to do them on a regular basis, it makes sense to be efficient with your matched betting, i.e. to have the ability to find the best odds and close matches quickly and place your lay bets with minimum effort, rather than spending your time searching through several bookmaker and exchange accounts and placing your lay bets manually! Why spend 20 minutes searching for the closest matches and placing a matched bet when you can do it in less than 2 minutes?

The Premium version of the OddsMatcher is the most efficient and effective matched betting tool and a must-have for any serious matched bettors looking to maximise their income with Weekly Bet Clubs! The Premium OddsMatcher automatically brings up a list of the closest matches (i.e. the closest matches between the back and lay odds) across 100+ bookmakers! No need for tedious and time-consuming manual searching across multiple bookmakers and exchanges to find close matches. With the Premium OddsMatcher, you will have no trouble completing all of your WBC targets each week with quickness and efficiency!

Clicking a selection from this list will open up the Premium OddsMatcher Calculator for that selection. The Calculator automatically calculates all of the figures for you, including the lay bet stake, liability and profit/loss. And each time you change a figure, the Calculator instantly recalculates to reflect that change! No need to do any of the calculations yourself!

In this example, we selected Barcelona to win at back and lay odds of 1.3 and 1.32 for Mallorca vs. Barcelona at Sky Bet. From the Premium OddsMatcher Calculator, clicking ‘Go To Sky Bet’ (as highlighted in the green box) can take you directly to the bookmaker page where the Mallorca vs. Barcelona match is listed. On some bookmakers, including Sky Bet, not only will you get directed to the appropriate match listed, but the Calculator can also automatically select your bet and enter your chosen stake in the bet slip (in our case, a back bet of £10 for Barcelona to win)! With this advantage, you can place your back bet in less than 30 seconds! No need to manually open up the bookmaker site and search for the bet yourself!

Also, clicking ‘Go To Smarkets’ (as highlighted in the green box) will direct you to the exchange page where the same lay bet (Barcelona to win for Mallorca vs. Barcelona) is listed. But you don’t even need to do this because there’s a much easier way for you to place your lay bets…..

…..Because best of all, you can simply place your lay bet with just one click! The Premium OddsMatcher can be connected to your exchange accounts; so there is no need to manually open up the exchange page, search for your listing, then place the lay bet yourself – the Premium OddsMatcher Calculator does all of that work for you with just one click! From the Calculator, simply click ‘Lay the bet’ (as highlighted in the red box) and your lay bet is instantly placed at the exchange in accordance to the figures calculated by the Calculator (in our case, a lay bet of £9.85, giving us £3.15 in liability)!

With the Premium OddsMatcher, searching for the closest matches and placing a single matched bet can take less than 2 minutes from start to finish!

You can also search for specific close matches with customisable filters!

The Premium OddsMatcher is exclusive to OddsMonkey Premium members!

OddsMonkey Premium

Not only do OddsMonkey Premium members get access to the Premium OddsMatcher, they can also enjoy a whole host of other exclusive tools and features, such as:

  • 100’s of step-by-step training guides (both written and videos) that cover every conceivable matched betting strategy; including accas, 2ups, each ways, extra places, 2nd places, dutching etc. These guides cover 99% of all offers and promotions available!
  • Dozens of calculators and matchers designed for football accumulators, horse racing, tennis etc
  • 0% commission on Smarkets!
  • The Profit Tracker to track all of your matched betting profits
  • An online community of experienced and successful matched bettors
  • Even 1 on 1 support from the OddsMonkey team!

Click the button below to find out more about OddsMonkey Premium and its exclusive tools and features!

OddsMonkey Premium

Profiting From A Weekly Bet Club

In the next section, we will show you how to profit from a Weekly Bet Club.

Profiting From A Weekly Bet Club



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