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What Are Price Boosts Price Boosts (sometimes referred to as Odds Boosts, Enhanced Odds, Flash Odds or Power Prices by other bookmakers) is a promotion whereby the back odds for a particular game/match/race are increased.

What Are Price Boosts

Price Boosts (sometimes referred to as Odds Boosts, Enhanced Odds, Flash Odds or Power Prices by other bookmakers) is a promotion whereby the back odds for a particular game/match/race are increased.

When a price is boosted, the back odds can sometimes become higher than the lay odds – presenting an opportunity for a guaranteed profit! Typically, with a Price Boost, you can make an immediate guaranteed profit without needing a free bet or bonus!

As you can see in the screenshots below; a bookmaker is offering a Power Price, boosting their back odds of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Spurs to win from 3.5 to 4.5, which is now higher than the lay odds of 3.95 at the exchange (as highlighted in the red box).

As you can see from our calculator; based on the boosted odds, with a £10 stake, you can create a guaranteed overall profit of £1.39! And if you increase your stake (subject to the bookmakers’ stake limit), you can of course also increase your guaranteed profit! So with a £20 stake, you can guarantee yourself an overall profit of £2.78!

In a previous section, we strongly recommended to avoid ‘arbs’, i.e. back odds that are too close to or higher than the lay odds, in order to avoid being gubbed. Price Boosts are different from arbs and are perfectly acceptable because boosts are widely offered by bookmakers, in which they are willing to offer higher back odds to encourage more people to bet with them on a particular game/match/race. Arbs, on the other hand, are created by the general betting market, not by the bookmakers. Therefore, matched betting on Price Boosts is perfectly fine.

When matched betting on Price Boosts, do bear in mind:

  • That not all boosted odds are higher than the exchange odds
  • That some boosts have a stake limit
  • To keep your bets in moderation and not matched bet on every single Price Boost that you see! Even though matched betting on Price Boosts is perfectly fine, you don’t want to appear obvious to the bookmakers that you are taking too much advantage of their boosts, otherwise you may find your account becoming gubbed! Our previous tip on ‘golden goose’ accounts also applies here

Although you may not be making a huge profit from any individual Price Boost that you matched bet on; plenty of boosts are offered every day by many bookmakers, so those small profits can quickly add up to substantial profit! By simply adding Price Boosts to your matched betting routine, you will see a significant increase in your earnings!

Finding Price Boosts

Price Boosts can typically be found on the bookmaker homepage or their Price Boosts section.

However, if you have multiple bookmaker accounts, doing Price Boosts can be problematic! Mainly because:

  • Manually searching across multiple bookmaker accounts to find the relevant Price Boosts can be very time-consuming! And not all Price Boosts will be higher than the exchange lay odds
  • Price Boosts can change or disappear quickly (some boosted odds may be kept live for only a few minutes!), making it very difficult to keep up with all of the live boosts across multiple bookmaker accounts, leading to many missed opportunities!

Fortunately, OddsMonkey offers a dedicated Price Boost Thread for its Premium members that is kept up-to-date with all of the latest and relevant Price Boosts! This thread presents all of the latest and relevant boosts in one place, saving you the hassle of manually searching for them yourself!

These Price Boosts are shared on the thread by the OddsMonkey staff and members of the OddsMonkey Online Community, and they are shared within minutes of them being made live by the bookmakers! You can also set this thread to instant notification, so that you will receive an alert on your phone or computer the very second a new Price Boost is shared on the thread! With this feature, you will never miss a chance to profit from a Price Boost!

The dedicated Price Boost Thread is exclusive to OddsMonkey Premium members!

OddsMonkey Premium

Not only do Premium members get access to the Price Boost Thread, they can also enjoy a whole host of other exclusive tools and features, such as:

  • 100’s of step-by-step training guides (both written and videos) that cover every conceivable matched betting strategy; including accas, 2ups, each ways, extra places, 2nd places, dutching etc. These guides cover 99% of all offers and promotions available!
  • The Premium version of the OddsMatcher that instantly identifies and calculates close matches across a list of 100 (and growing!) bookmakers!
  • Dozens of calculators and matchers designed for football accumulators, horse racing, tennis etc
  • 0% commission on Smarkets!
  • The Profit Tracker to track all of your matched betting profits
  • An online community of experienced and successful matched bettors
  • Even 1 on 1 support from the OddsMonkey team!

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