We strongly advise that you do the following strategy on gubbed accounts only! What Is Arbing As matched bettors, we dislike being gubbed! And as we discussed in a previous section, gubbing is a natural

We strongly advise that you do the following strategy on gubbed accounts only!

What Is Arbing

As matched bettors, we dislike being gubbed!

And as we discussed in a previous section, gubbing is a natural and inevitable result of long-term matched betting. But even if your bookmaker account does eventually become gubbed….. don’t panic! Because we can still profit from that account – there is still life after gubbing!

Your account may no longer be eligible for bonuses and promotions (check your gubbing email to make sure), but that’s ok – we can now turn our attention to arbing!

Remember! You should only arb on accounts that you have been gubbed on!

Arbing (short for Arbitrage Betting) is where you are matched betting on back odds that are higher than the lay odds (arb ratings of 100% and higher), in order to guarantee an immediate profit without the need for a free bet or bonus, regardless of the outcome or result.

As you can see from our Matched Betting Calculator, when the back odds are higher than the lay odds, which in this example are back odds of 5.8 and lay odds of 5.3; this becomes an ‘arb’, creating a guaranteed profit of £0.94 regardless of the outcome or result!

As you can see from the Premium OddsMatcher, all of the close matches listed here are arbs, as they all have arb ratings above 100%, as shown in the column highlighted in the red box. So if you were to matched bet on any of these, then you would guarantee yourself a profit without the need for a free bet/bonus or offer/promotion!

To help you understand this further, we have selected the football match, Montpellier v Paris St-G, from the Premium OddsMatcher list.

As you can see from the OddsMatcher calculation, based on the back odds of 1.88 and the lay odds of 1.59, you can expect to make an immediate guaranteed profit of £1.82 with a £10 stake! If you were to increase your stake, then you would of course, guarantee yourself a bigger profit! For example, if you were to increase your stake to £20, then you can expect to guarantee yourself a profit of £3.64!

You can think of this as a guaranteed 18.2% return on your stake!

How much you can make from each arb depends on how much higher the back odds are compared to the lay odds. Typically, you can expect anywhere between 1% (if the odds are very close) to a massive 65% (if the back odds are far higher than the lay odds) return on your stake!

As a word of warning – frequent arbing can increase your chances of having your bookmaker account become stake restricted or even become completely restricted from placing any bets altogether! However, considering that your account can only profit from arbs at this point and nothing else, it is completely justifiable to arb your gubbed account until you become completely restricted altogether. As the old saying goes, ‘Make hay while the sun shines’!

Arbs are different from Price Boosts; Price Boosts are offered by bookmakers to encourage people to bet with them, whereas arbs are naturally created by the betting market, which reduces value for the bookmakers, and so they actively try to remove these arbs once they appear!

Finding Arbs

Arbs are especially difficult to find manually because they tend to appear for only a few minutes before the bookmakers adjust their back odds. Bookmakers tend to keep a close eye on the betting exchanges. If they notice that the lay odds at the exchange become lower than their back odds, then they will quickly adjust their odds accordingly, thereby removing the arb. Bookmakers tend to act quickly, so not only do you need to find an arb, you also need to place your matched bet in time before the odds are adjusted. This makes manually searching for arbs very difficult! Luckily, this is where the Premium OddsMatcher comes in handy!

If you don’t already have a subscription to OddsMonkey Premium at this stage, then we strongly recommend that you sign up now so that you have the Premium OddsMatcher, where you can instantly access arbs across 100 bookmakers!

Finding all of the available arbs is very simple – just open up the Premium OddsMatcher and you will automatically be presented with a list of close matches with arb ratings of 100% and over!

The arbs in the Premium OddsMatcher list are live and in real-time, and each time you click ‘Refresh’, the list is refreshed with the most up-to-date arbs available! Best of all, the OddsMatcher Calculator allows you to place your lay bet instantly with just one click, so that you have a much better chance of completing your matched bet before the arb disappears!

It’s fair to say that without the Premium OddsMatcher, you will certainly be missing out on a lot of guaranteed profit that you could be making from arbs!

The Premium OddsMatcher is exclusive to OddsMonkey Premium members, and we highly recommend that you get access to this fantastic tool now in order to maximise your income with arbing!

OddsMonkey Premium

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